Sharing online experiments

Let's share learnings from experiments to help create better websites


You know it.Your marketing buddies know it. Your boss knows.
Even the hippo on the top floor is telling you.

'Stop guessing about what works and start testing!'

There is one problem though...


Unless you are Facebook Googe or Amazon, you don't have enough traffic to get significant test results. There is so much to test and so little traffic.

But we can do better - if we can share our learnings and experiments we can get better test ideas, better baselines and higher win rates.

So let's help marketing and design to be more data driven and do like they do in all fields of science. Be data driven, experiment and share your learnings. We don't need any scientific papers to do that. You can just start right here.

'If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.'

Isac Newton


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My name is Frank Tjin A Ton and I am the founder of

I am an e-commerce specialist and I live with my girlfriend and two kids in the city of Amsterdam.

I cannot walk this journey alone, so please join me and shoot me a mail with your ideas or suggestions.