Call to action text with ‘Download Now – Free’ + 3%

 At the Firefox customize page — — we made a singular text change: the green download button could either include our default text “Download Now – Free” or our test text “Try Firefox 3″.

The results from the test are below.  Please keep in mind that the primary purpose of this initial test was to evaluate a possible long-term solution/tool for implementing much more robust tests in the future.  That said, our findings provide a small amount of insight.  During the course of two weeks, this page saw about 300K visitors and nearly 30K clicks to download Firefox.  The conversion rate for “Download Now – Free” was 10.07% versus 9.73% for “Try Firefox 3″, which translates to a 3.44% decrease in optimization when using “Try Firefox 3″, with 99.85% confidence in these results (confidence = likelihood that this version of the page performs significantly different than our default page).

If we’ve piqued your interest, please note that we’ll soon have some exciting findings related to a currently ongoing multivariate test at the main Firefox product page (

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