Removing ‘I want to skip this’ from the popup for the calendar function

Many new property owners were skipping the step of setting up their calender (with availability for guests) – on the welcome screen.

Onboarding · Call to Action · Distraction · Travel · English
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Changing the ‘Buy’ button from orrange to red on the product page

The color red is associated with happy in the Chinese culture. And also, red triggers the urge to buy.

Product · Call to Action · Clarity
· Retail · Chinese
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Enhancing the search bar on the homepage

Centering the search bar and making it the most important call to action.

Home · Call to Action · Ability · Clarity · Retail · English
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Adding a “Continue to checkout” above the cart items on the mobile cart

Adding the CTA above the cart like on desktop.

Cart · Call to Action · Ability · Retail · Dutch
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Adding more white space around the call to action box

Adding more white space pushes the the featured Gigs down, and gives more attention to the unique value proposition: a vintage logo from a professional designer, starting at $5.

Category · Call to Action · Focus · E-Commerce
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