Header variation doubles conversion

There is a page on this site where I give away a free eBook on how I grew ViperChill to over 10,000 subscribers in 12 months. I send visitors to the page mostly through this site, but also through purchasing Solo Ads on Warrior Forum. I talk more about Solo Ads in this video if you want to learn more about them.

For this split test all I changed was the words in the headline of the page. Here is how they compared. Note: To interpret the following figures be aware that 54.2% means, for example, 54 out of every 100 visitors would convert (give away their email address) using this headline variation.

Headline #1: “Discover How You Can Grow Your Blog to 10,000+ Subscribers in Just 12 Months” 24.2% Conversion Rate

Headline #2: “My Free PDF Reveals How to Get 10,000+ Blog Subscribers in Just 12 Months”34.3% Conversion Rate

Headline #3: “Discover How This Very Blog Grew to 10,000+ Subscribers in Just 12 Months”54.2% Conversion Rate

In the initial stages the figures were actually the total opposite to what they are now. The bottom headline converted the best for warm and cold traffic (people who had never been to ViperChill before) in the end.

I also tested a version of this page with no white bar in the header, leaving no way for a visitor to click off the page. Even after hundreds of conversions, there was no statistically significant difference between having the header and not having it.

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