Support wants to provide insights from relevant, quality online experiments.

What you do with these insights is up to you.

You can use the test cases in several ways:

  • Test inspiration: if you are running AB tests on your site you can find ideas to test on your site
  • Best practices: if you feel that some test result will work for you, you can also implement a similar change or feature. Please do remember that what works for someone else may not work for you. Ideally, you should do a valid AB test on your own site or at the very least validate the results using your analytics (comparing before and after results).
  • Design inspiration: if you are working on a new page or site, an existing landingpage  - optimized for a similar audience - may provide inspiration for your new design
  • Business case: data points from other tests or programs may help you to develop a better business case.
  • HIPPO ammunition: still have a boss or client who does not believe in optimization? Show him or her what they are missing

In the end is just a hammer: use it as you see fit.

In short: no...

Your site is different, your offering is different, your audience is different, your positioning is different. The best way to find out if something is working is to run a test on your own site.

However - there are some changes that are more likely to be working in general. For example, improving the speed of your site will likely be beneficial for all most all websites.

Eventually, wants to help  you learn what changes are more likely to succeed in what context. But again - there is no substitute for running your own tests.

We do our best to bring you quality cases - AB tests that have been executed professionally as per quality guidelines. It is not always possible to publicly provide all the details of a test.

Sometimes - for example for confidentiality reasons - only limited information is available. We may still publish such a test case if it provides enough value for marketeers and optimizers. Of course you should do your own ab testing.

Currently, is completely free.

For partners who share experiments the content will always be free.

However, developing the content and maintaining the site involves a lot of time and resources. In order to give the site enough love monetization is required. So there will be advertising on the site. Also a premium membership - with more content and features will be developed.

Still - a lot of content is and will be free for all.

Good question 😉 Let me give you three reasons:

  • You will get exposure in the optimization community
  • You will have free access to all the resources and content on this site
  • You will make your SEO expert happy with more links to  your site

But most important... you will help your optimization colleague who is working hard every day to give customers a better experience - just like you.

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