Adding free shipping information to the cart page

March 2017
Cart conversion rate
 AB TestControl and variation

+39% cart conversion


FluidGrowers – an Australian ecommerce company – found out that customers were leaving the cart page due to unclarity about the shipping costs ($9.99 or free for orders over $150).

They changed 3 things in a test:

  • A new top bar with free shipping information (over AUD 150)
  • Adding shipping information to the sidebar
  • Adding ‘Spend x $ more to get free shipping’ messing above the cart.

The results were:

  • Average order value increased 26% from $110 to $139
  • The conversion rate increased 39%

The AOV increase can probably be attributed to the ‘Spend more’ message.
What would interesting for further testing is to display suggested / related products on the cart.

Test details

Test element Copy, Message
Page type Cart
Test date March 2017
Tested by OptiPhoenix
Lift CRO Model Clarity
Fogg Behaviour Model Prompt

Website information

Company FluidGrowers
Market Home & Living
Visitors consumers
Language English
Test result
Test element Copy, Message
Page Cart
Result +39% Cart conversion rate

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