Adding social login options to the signup form

October 2012
Control A
Variation B
Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service with over 7 million users. When reviewing their analytics they found that they had 340,591 failed login attempts in 1 month (from April 12 to May 12, 2012). That’s the total number of times someone couldn’t remember their username and/or password, or simply mistyped.

With so many people on Facebook and Twitter – what would be the impact of adding social login?


  Adding social login (Facebook and Twitter) buttons to the signup form will increase the signup rate.


The rest ran from June 12-July 12 and 3.4% of the people that visited the login page actually used Facebook or Twitter to log in.


The Mailchimp team was quite surprised so few people were using the social login option. Ben Chestnut –  Mailchimp’s CEO – also was strongly against using it. He preferred reducing options and restoring simplicity.

So in the end they did not add the social login. What they did is changing the login error messaging  – which proved to have a much bigger impact.






Test details

Test element Call to Action
Page type
Test date October 2012

Website information

Company Mailchimp
Market Marketing
Test result
Test element Call to Action
Result +3.4% revenue

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