Animating the landingpage of the ppc campaign

Bid My Car
July 2014
 AB Test  AB Test
BidMyCar – an Australian start up – aimed to offer a new way of car shopping in Australia. The online model allows the buyer to enter the details of the car they want, a panel of dealers submit their best offer, the consumers selects the best deal and drives away with the lowest price.
They asked their online marketing agency to help with increasing leads.


 Using animation on the landingpage will increase the number of signups – as it will draw more attention to the offer.


They test did not show any difference in results.


In this case animation did not help conversions. Head of CRO Duncan Jones concluded:

Using animated scrolling because it’s trendy is not worth it, as there was no significant conversion rate improvement achieved from the additional investment of time, effort and cost in making it animated.

This does not mean animation is a bad idea though. For example animating just the call to action may work in some cases.

Test details

Test element Animation
Page type Landingpage
Test date July 2014

Website information

Company Bid My Car
Market Consumer goods
Test result
Test element Animation
Page Landingpage
Result insignificant

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