Change the category name from ‘Lingerie’ to ‘Lingerie du nuit’

E-Commerce, Fashion
Clarity (copy), Persuasion
November 2012
Etam is an international fashion brand with over worldwide over 4000 shops selling it. On their French website ( they wanted to test what the impact of naming a cateogory. They changed category name from ‘Lingerie’ to ‘Night lingerie’.


 Changing the category name in the main navigation from ‘Lingerie’ to ‘Night Lingerie’ will increase click through rate to that category.


The results showed an increase in the number of visitors accessing the renamed category “Lingerie de nuit”. This improvement has been confirmed throughout the test and finally reached an increase of 9.8%. Furhtermore the overall conversion rate grew by 9%.


The effect of the renaming is significant – for such a simple and easy to implement change. Apparently the visitors where looking for night wear or were reminded that they needed to buy night wear.

Source:  Etam