Changing a dropdown category list to a fixed on page list.

Dachfenster Rollo
January 2015
Control and variation


B sells roller blinds in Germany. It is the exclusive distrubutor for Bloc Blinds – based in the UK. They worked with the agency Click Value to increase their conversion rate. One of the tests focused on the brand selection. Originally on this page, visitors had to click on a downward arrow that opened a drop-down list.


 Showing the brands in a always visible list – vs after clicking an arrow – will lead to more visitors selecting a brand.


After exactly 53 days of waiting for a statistically significant winner to emerge, the second variation won and increased the conversions by 33%.


For this market the related window brand is important as the blind will need to be compatible with the brand. Showing those brands immediately on the homepage (above the fold) was helpful.

Test details

Test element Navigation
Page type Home
Test date January 2015

Website information

Company Dachfenster Rollo
Market E-Commerce, Home & Living
Language German
Test result
Test element Navigation
Page Home
Result +33% clicks

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