Changing a review logo in the header with score 8.5 to another with score 9.5

August 2016
Control and variation


Control A
Variation B is an e-commerce company based the Netherlands. It offers a large collection of ten thousands of telephone accessories and parts for the Dutch market. Together with agency Xsarus they wanted to find out about the impact of reviews in the header.

There are many different feedback and review apps on the market like Trustpilot and eKomi. In the Netherlands, the ‘Thuiswinkel keurmerk’ and Webwinkelkeur are two local review sites. There are two factors at play: the reputation of the review brand and the score.
While ‘Thuiswinkel keurmerk’ is more well known, the score of the Webwinkelkeur reviews is higher in this case.


 Changing the review logo and score will increase conversion – as visitors have more trust in the website.


To validate the hypothesis 3 variations were tested:

  • Control A: no reviews in the header
  • Variation B: Both ‘Thuiswinkel Waarborg’ and ‘Webwinkelkeur’ with average score and number of reviews
  • Variation C: Only ‘Webwinkelkeur’ with average review score and number of reviews
  • Variation D: Only ‘Thuiswinkel Waarborg’ with average review score and number of review

Variation C with just the Webwinkelkeur was the winner with 95% significance; the number of orders was 8% higher.

Conversion Rate Improvement
Control A 6,62%
Variation B 6,77% 2,3%
Variation C 7,17% 8,3%
Variation D 6,69% 1,1%


Customers of Phonegigant value reviews – it seems that the score is more important than the reputation of the review company.

Why was the score higher for the Webwinkelkeur? This is probably due to the review process; the reviews for Webwinkelkeur can be given directly from the mail client e.g. in Gmail.  Generally, unhappy customers are more likely to leave feedback; however, when it is easy to provide feedback – happy customers will also respond.


Test details

Test element Symbols / Icons
Page type All
Test date August 2016

Website information

Company Phonegiant
Market E-Commerce, Electronics
Test result
Test element Symbols / Icons
Page All
Result 8% orders

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