Banner copy – social proof (600.00 readers) vs low commitment (just $5)

December 2010
amount per view
Control A
Variation B
Variation B
Variation C
Variation C
Variation D
Variation D


Wikipedia did (and continues to do) extensive experimentation with their fundraising. With over 10 million views per hour even a small improvement in donations per view makes a big difference.


3 different banner copy versions where tested:

  • A: Social proof: ‘600.000 readers have donated to keep it free for the world. But we need you too.’
  • B: Urgency: ‘Only 4 days left to make a tax deductable donation to keep meta free. Please help Meta pay its bilss in 2011.’
  • C: Low commitment: ‘If everyone reading this donated $5,- our fundraising would be over today. Please donate to keep meta free.’


Views Donations Total USD Average amount Amount per View
A 10073 198 € 7.623,98 € 38,50 € 0,76
B 11143 590 € 11.223,50 € 19,02 € 1,01
C 10532 277 € 8.168,02 € 29,49 € 0,78


While the lower commitment -just $5- leads to a lower averag donation amount – the total amount is higher due to the higher conversion rate. It is difficult to generalise this learning – you should test it.


Test details

Test element Headline
Page type All
Test date December 2010

Website information

Company Wikipedia
Market Foundation, Not for Profit
Test result
Test element Headline
Page All
Result +33% amount per view

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