Banner copy – social proof (600.00 readers) vs low commitment (just $5)

Foundation, Not for Profit
Commitment, Persuasion
December 2010
amount per view
Control A
Variation B
Variation B
Variation C
Variation C
Variation D
Variation D


Wikipedia did (and continues to do) extensive experimentation with their fundraising. With over 10 million views per hour even a small improvement in donations per view makes a big difference.


3 different banner copy versions where tested:

  • A: Social proof: ‘600.000 readers have donated to keep it free for the world. But we need you too.’
  • B: Urgency: ‘Only 4 days left to make a tax deductable donation to keep meta free. Please help Meta pay its bilss in 2011.’
  • C: Low commitment: ‘If everyone reading this donated $5,- our fundraising would be over today. Please donate to keep meta free.’


Views Donations Total USD Average amount Amount per View
A 10073 198 € 7.623,98 € 38,50 € 0,76
B 11143 590 € 11.223,50 € 19,02 € 1,01
C 10532 277 € 8.168,02 € 29,49 € 0,78


While the lower commitment -just $5- leads to a lower averag donation amount – the total amount is higher due to the higher conversion rate. It is difficult to generalise this learning – you should test it.