Changing benefits in headline and subheadline on signup page

Marketing, Software (SAAS)
Clarity (copy), Persuasion
January 2009
5 variations
Control A
version 2014
Variation B
Highrise is a CRM solutions created by Basecamp (formerly 37signals). In January 2009 they conducted several tests with Google Website Optimizer to see the effect of headline changes.


 Changing the headline and subhead on the homepage will lead to more signups


Version B was the winner with a 30% increase in signups.


Test Headline Subhead Change
A Start a Highrise Account ..30-day free trial..
B 30-day Free Trial on All Accounts Sign up takes less.. +30%
C 30-day Free Trial on All Accounts Pay as you go.. +27%
D Start a Highrise Account Today Pay as you go.. +15%
E 30-day Free Trial on All Accounts Supremely usefull.. +7%


This case study again proves the importance of testing your headline and value proposition.
Explanations for the rise include:

  • Emphasize on Free – less commitment
  • Version B subhead is concise / less distraction – where as the Version E is long