Changing happy customer logo’s on the homepage

July 2014
Control and variation


Groove is a helpdesk/customer support software company based in Newport (RI) – USA. Its focus is simplicity and customer experience. Founder Alex Turnbull is very open about his entrepreneurial journey and his efforts to optimize the product.

“We thought we’d try showing customer examples from a variety of industries in hopes of determining which logos were most relatable to visitors.”


 Displaying customer logo’s from different industries on the homepage will increase signups, because these logo’s will relate more to the visitor.


The test was not significant.


There may be a couple reasons why the test was not significant

* The logo’s are relatively small and on the right bottom – where attention is generally on the top left.
* The company’s are quite unknown – so customers might still be unclear if it is used in their industry

An interesting follow up test would be using well known brands that might increase trust.

See also the other tests from Groove.

Test details

Test element Banner
Page type Home
Test date July 2014

Website information

Company Groove
Market Business software, Software (SAAS)
Test result
Test element Banner
Page Home
Result insigni­ficant

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