Changing pricing plans by renaming and increasing prices

Productivity, Software (SAAS)
Pricing, Value proposition
April 2012
Bidsketch is a software product to create proposals. Ruben – the founder of Bidsketch – was struggling with his pricing plans. He decided to research his customers and test his pricing plans.


Customer segments
Ruben found out that he had 3 main customer segments:

  • Freelancers – a one person business that creates one to two proposals a month.
  • Studio – small business with one person creates proposals.
  • Agency – multiple people creating proposals.

Plan features
Ruben also decided to adjust the plans – based on the features that the 3 segments required.

He started with tiers $9 / $19 / $49 and started raising prices.


 Focussing the pricing plans on the 3 customer segments will increase the revenue.


Monthly revenue doubled with these changes.


Having the right plans is an incredibly important and also difficult for a SAAS product.
The success of this case is based on the thorough customer research. That will lead to your ideal customers, the features they need and the price they are willing to pay.

Company Bidsketch
Market Productivity, Software (SAAS)
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Test element Pricing
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Conversion principle Pricing, Value proposition
Result +100% revenue

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