Changing subheader on homepage mentioning ‘free’

November 2014
Venuesphere is an UK company that helps companies and individuals finds the perfect venue regardless of the size and budget of their event. They have a database with thousands of bars, hotels and conference centers. To capture leads, they have a simple form above the fold on their homepage and they wanted to test their sub headline.
The original headline was: “Call us or fill in a form to speak to a dedicated venue coordinator”.
The variation mentioned that the service was free: “Stop right now! Call us or fill in the form and we’ll do the hard work for you for free.”


 An attention grabbing sub headline mentioning ‘free’ will increase leads


The new headline increased the number of leads by 69% (after 1200 visitors).


Changing the subheadline made a big difference. It has both more powerfull – perhaps more assertive – call to action ‘Stop right now’ and mentions that the service is free. It would be interesting to test to emphasize the free even more – for example in the main headline or with some visual.

Source:  Venuesphere

Test details

Test element Subheadline
Page type Home
Test date November 2014

Website information

Company VenueSphere
Market Consultancy, Lead generation
Test result
Test element Subheadline
Page Home
Result +69% signups

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