Changing the call to action button from green to orange

June 2009
 AB TestControl and variation


4 color variations
4 color variations
Mozzilla wanted to test the color of the download button on the Firefox page.


 Changing the color of the download button from Green to Orange will increase downloads.


Button color Visits Downloads CR Change
Green 930752 719377 77,3%
Blue 256344 196559 76,7% -0,79%
Purple 255894 196871 76,9% -0,46%
Orange 255811 195782 76,5% -0,98%


This is kind of the mother of all AB tests: change the color of the call to action. Generally the most contrasting color would perform best. The original green color converted best. Note that the traffic on this page is already very much focussed on the task of downloading Firefox. Most conversion optimizers would be very happy with a 75% conversion rate.

Test details

Test element Call to Action
Page type Product
Test date June 2009

Website information

Company Mozilla
Market Foundation, Not for Profit
Test result
Test element Call to Action
Page Product
Result -1% downloads

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