Changing the CTA text from ‘Download’ to ‘Price Guide’

November 2013
Downloads is an pricing information website that tracks current and historical prices of video games. It sells price comparison list for thousands of games. Founder mr. Hendrick though that the existing button on their product pages was not clear enough.


 Changing the CTA text from Download to ‘Price Guide’ will increase the number of downloads, as it is more clear what to expect.


In the variation 2 things were changed:

  • The CTA text was changed to ‘Price Guide’
  • The supporting text was changed from [Download] ‘Sega Genesis price list for $2’ to ‘Download Genesis’ [price guide’]

The variation had a 620% higher click through rate.


There can be several reason why the variation worked better:

  • Clarity: people know what to expect when you mention what is downloaded
  • Anxiety: possibly some people would think they will download software – and would be careful for viruses or malware
  • Value proposition: in the control it is mentioned that it would cost $2 to download. In the variation people only find out after clicking that they need to pay. No data is available on the actual sales impact though.


Test details

Test element Call to Action
Page type Category
Test date November 2013

Website information

Company PriceCharting
Market Internet, Lead generation
Test result
Test element Call to Action
Page Category
Result +620% Downloads

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