Changing the hamburger icon of the mobile menu

Caffeine Informer
February 2014
Cafeine Informers mission is to provide accurate information about the risks of caffeïne consumption. They wanted to test the effectiveness of the common ‘hambuger’style mobile menu and conducted a series of tests.


 A text with ‘menu’ will lead to more clicks than the ‘hamburger’ icon


The bordered menu was clicked on significantly more than our hamburger icon.

Test Visitors Conversions CR Change Significance
A burger + border 12684 308 2,4%
B menu + border 12660 347 2,7% 12,9% 94%
C menu + burger + border 12900 331 2,6% 5,7% 62%
D menu without border 13017 246 1,9% -22,2% 97%


Cafeine Informers concluded: ‘a flat hamburger icon may not be ideal on a responsive website (remember this is a website not an app). Using the word MENU (and making it look like a button) could be more helpful for visitors.’
Another explanation would be the increased size of the menu (more screen real estate).


Test details

Test element Navigation
Page type Home
Test date February 2014

Website information

Company Caffeine Informer
Market Not for Profit
Test result
Test element Navigation
Page Home
Result +13% clicks

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