Changing the testimonial copy on the homepage

May 2014
Control and variation


Buildium is a software company creating property management software for property managers. Buildium was founded in 2004 in Rhode Island (US). Customers had the perception that Buildium was only suitable for small (less then 50) units. They decided to test a different headline to change this.


 Changing the headline to emphasize that Buildium is suited for small and large property management companies, will convince more larger propery managers to signup for a free trial

The test

They tested following headlines:

Version Headline
A Proof, meet pudding. We can help you too
We have over 8000 happy customers across the world.
B Whatever your size, Buildium in the perfect fit
We have been powering small, medium and large property management companies since 2004

In the new version they also added the number of units under management – to further proove the point.


The variation indeed had a 23% higher conversion rate in the test.

Test Visitors Conversions CR
A 4344 70 1,6%
B 4457 88 2,0%


This case shows that the basis of any test is a proper research. In this case an importaint customer objection was the perception that the software was only for small customers.
It would be interesting to further brake down the conversion into the small, medium and large segments. That could further confirm the validity of the test.

Test details

Test element Headline
Page type Home
Test date May 2014

Website information

Company Buildium
Market Consultancy, Lead generation
Test result
Test element Headline
Page Home
Result +22% signups
Tool VWO

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