Changing the value proposition on the landing page

May 2016
Control A
Variation B provides a service for international non-US customers to ship products from US online stores cheaper and reliable. They worked with their agency Conversion Fanatics to increase the conversion on a landing page. First they reviewed the landingpage: does the page state exactly what you do and how it works? Is there a clear concise next step? What are the benefits of the product/service? Does the message highlight results or social proof from others?


  Redesigning the landingpage to more clearly explain the service and benefits will increase the conversion.


The variation was a winner by a landslide:

  • 1890% increase in overall purchases
  • 71% increase in visits to the signup page
  • 2790% increase in their “basic” membership signup
  • 99% increase in their “premium” signups.


Most new visitors will not be familiar with the type of service that delivers. It not like landing on a widget shop where you know you can buy widgets. So it is even more important to test whether the service and the value provided are clear.

Test details

Test element Redesign
Page type Landingpage
Test date May 2016

Website information

Company MyUs
Market Digital products, E-Commerce
Test result
Test element Redesign
Page Landingpage
Result 1890% revenue

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