Creating a dedicated landingpage with popup

April 2009
Control A
Variation B
Variation B
Variation C
Variation C
Variation D
Variation D
Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software company serving over 100.000 customers worldwide. The company wanted to know what landingpage for their advertising banner was most effective.


 Creating a landingpage focussed on the main customers (designers) will lead to more signups.


The landing pages focussed on designers performed much better; the winner is the landingpage with a popup/modal window.

Test Landingpage Conversion Rate Change
A Landing page 4: Our home page 1,52%
B Landing Page 1: Earn money in your sleep 0% -100,0%
C Landing Page 2: Are you a designer? 4,34% 185,5%
D Landing page 3: Modal-free just for designers 3,48% 128,9%


  • Marketeers find it hard sometimes to focus on a specific customer segment. This test shows that it can lead to significantly better results.
  • The test also proofs the effectiveness of the hotly debated popup/modal windows.
  • It also shows the importance of creating a dedicated landingpage as opposed to sending traffic to your homepage. In this test the latter had zero conversions.

Test details

Test element Redesign
Page type Landingpage
Test date April 2009

Website information

Company Campaignmonitor
Market Marketing, Software (SAAS)
Test result
Test element Redesign
Page Landingpage
Result +185% signups

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