Expanding the search function with from a magnifying glass icon to a search text field

Blog post
August 2021
sign ups
 AB TestControl and variation



Hubspot tested the search functionality on their blog.

  • Expanded the search function by adding a search text field
  • Place holder text ‘Search by topic’ (variation 1)
  • Place holder text ‘Search the blog’ (variation 2)

The second variation (‘Search the blog’) was the winner:

  • The number of signups increased by 3.4%
  • The number of visitors using the search function increased by 6.5%


Test details

Test element Search
Page type Blog post
Test date August 2021
Lift CRO Model Clarity
Fogg Behaviour Model Ability

Website information

Company Hubspot
Website blog.hubspot.com
Market SaaS
Language English
Test result
Test element Search
Page Blog post
Result +3.4 sign ups
Source: blog.hubspot.com

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