Exposing the search bar on mobile

August 2017
 AB TestControl and variation


Malatan is a British fashion and homeware retailer with 200 stores across the UK. Matalan’s optimization goal was to improve the ease of navigation to ensure users could readily find the right product and move through their large and diverse product range seamlessly.


  Exposing the search bar on mobile will increase conversions, as it will be easier for users to find their desired products and to express their intent.


  • 32% increase in searches on mobile
  • 51% increase in searches on tablet

This also led to an increase in actual sales.


For an e-commerce site with a large product offering, it can be helpful for mobile visitors to have the search bar always in sight (without extra click).  Other big e-commerce sites like Amazon, Coolblue (Netherlands) and Zalando also expose the search on mobile.
What might be interesting to test is on what pages the search bar should be shown.
A general best practice would be to remove it in the checkout process; but what about the product pages? Perhaps on a product page a visitor is more focused on evaluating the product than on finding a product.

Test details

Test element Navigation
Page type All
Test date August 2017

Website information

Company Matalan
Website www.matalan.co.uk
Market E-Commerce, Fashion
Test result
Test element Navigation
Page All
Result +32% searches
Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

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