Increasing the maximum price of the price filter from $300 to $1000

May 2014
Control and variation


Airbnb – for the few people not familiar yet 😉 – is an online marketplace that matches people who rent out their homes (‘hosts’) with people who are looking for a place to stay (‘guests’). Airbnb uses controlled experiments to learn and make decisions at every step of product development, from design to algorithms. They are equally important in shaping the user experience.


 Changing the maximum value of the price filter on the search page from $300 to $1000 will increase the number of bookings


After 36 days the test proofed insignificant (p-value 0.4). Note that after 7 days the test was significant.


Airbnb learned that the behaviour of ‘early bookers’ – people that decide in within a few days – is quite different. If you include the complete population (early, average & late bookers) the filter did not make a difference.

Airbnb still decided to implement the larger price range. Certain users like the ability to search for high-end places and there was negative impact on the metrics.

Even though the design has changed again – the max price range of €1000 is still there (July 2016)


Test details

Test element Selection
Page type All
Test date May 2014

Website information

Company Airbnb
Market E-Commerce, Travel
Test result
Test element Selection
Page All
Result insigni­ficant

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