Moving size and color sidebar filters to the top of the category page

Lyle & Scott
January 2013
Control and variation


Control A
Variation B
Lyle & Scott is a Scottish luxury knitwear and golfing brand. It sells online in over 50 countries. Head of Ecommerce, Will Dymott, worked with agency AWA Digital to improve the online conversion. They noticed that the filters on the category pages were hardly used as these were positioned low on the page.


  Moving the category filters with size and colour higher on the page by removing the category navigation, will increase the order conversion rate. Users will be able to more easily find what the need .


Conversion increased by 19%.


Main learning is that side navigation and filtering is important in ecommerce categories.
For Lyle and Scott it was beneficial to remove the category side navigation. It will depend on the type of visitor and the stage in the customer journey:

  • A new visitor in orientation stage – say a married woman who is looking for birthday present for her husband – might need category navigation
  • A repeat customer in purchase stage – an existing Lyle & Scott customer who wants a new cardigan (similar to his current one) – may prefer size and color filters.

What works best depends on your type of customer.

Test details

Test element Navigation
Page type Category
Test date January 2013

Website information

Company Lyle & Scott
Market Fashion
Test result
Test element Navigation
Page Category
Result 19% revenue

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