Moving the ‘Help’ information above the fold

January 2012
 AB TestControl and variation


Ecofoil is a supplier of reflective insulation foils for homes and commercial buildings. Ecofoil thought that customers had problems selecting the right type of insulation. Hence they decided to move the help call to action above the fold. 


 Moving the ‘Help me choose’ call to action above the fold will increase revenue, as customers will be more confident that they are buying the right foils.

The variation improved sales by 86%.

Apparently customers have problems choosing the right products. Still for a relative small change this is quite a big improvement. It would be interesting to know how many more people clicked on the ‘Choose’ button in the variation.

It is also interesting that the change is currently (august 2017) not implemented on the live website.


Test details

Test element Banner
Page type Home
Test date January 2012

Website information

Company EcoFoil
Market Home & Living
Test result
Test element Banner
Page Home
Result +86% Revenue

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