Changing pricing table design

June 2011
Click through
Control and variation


Control A
Variation B
Basekit is a software company selling site builder solutions that allow customers to easily create an online presence. Over 4 million sites and blog have been created so far. The company is based in Bristol (UK) and has a 50+ team. Currently the company is mainly selling their platform to hosting companies and telcos. They wanted to test a different pricing page


They changed multiple things in the variation

  • More clear currency selection on the right hand side
  • Added a testimonial on top: ‘Basekit is remarkable”
  • Changed from 6 ‘Sign up’ buttons in 3 colors to 3 ‘Get started’ in the same green color
  • Removed the button to select monthly or annual pricing
  • Removed the 14 day money back guarantee label
  • Make the version names (Basic, Business, Enterprise) more clear by moving them on top and increasing fontsize
  • Several design changes like adding color to the pricing information and changing the icons


The new design had a 25% increase in conversion.


With so many changes it is difficult to conclude what caused an increase in conversion. You can only find out from testing single changes. Perhaps one could say providing less options / buttons is working better. If you look at the current pricing page you can see that it is even more simplified.

Still this does not mean that making multiple changes is a bad thing. Definitely not. A radical redesign has a higher chance of making a difference (whether good or bad) and you can start again making small incremental single change test going forward.

Test details

Test element Redesign
Page type Pricing
Test date June 2011

Website information

Company Basekit
Market Business software, Software (SAAS)
Test result
Test element Redesign
Page Pricing
Result +25% Click through

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