Redesiging the homepage with more prominent download CTA

Productivity, Software (SAAS)
Clarity (design), Usability
May 2011
 AB TestControl and variation


Dowce is a desktop software tool to capture screenshots.  The tool allows you to select a part of the screen and easily share the screenshot. To increase the number of downloads a homepage redesign was tested.


 Redesigning the homepage (moving CTA, changing headline, adding bullets a USP), will increase the number of software downloads. 


Following was changed in the variation mainly improving clarity:

  • removed the call to action from the header in order to focus visitors on our main call to action in the body
  • improved the headline
  • added bullets points with improved value proposition
  • improved the call to action (bigger and more visible)
  • improved the layout, by dividing the sections so it is easier to scan the page


The variation increased conversions by 25% (98% significance).

Test Visitors Conversions CR Change
Control 1974 162 8,2%
Variation 1963 201 10,2% 24,8%


With this many changes it is difficult to make any general conclusions.
The new design is more in line with general practices though:

  • The Call to Action is standing more and is designed more like a button
  • The location of the call to action is also better -> after the value proposition (not in the header)
  • The value proposition is explained more clearly with bullets and bold font for specific advantages