Remove cross selling text on product page

December 2014
Control and variation


Drukwerkdeal is a Dutch printing company specialized in customized printing jobs like business cards and flyers.  Online marketeer Paul had some reservations about the cross selling messages on their product pages.  They were using messages like ‘People who bought stationary paper also bought printed envelops, unprinted envelops and coloured envelops.’


  Removing the cross selling message on the product page will increase the number of products sold as it is distracting the visitor from completing the purchase.


The test ran for two weeks across a few categories. The variation B led to 5.6% more completed orders.


Adding the cross message in this way did not help for Drukwerkdeal.
However it is not sure that it would not work in another way:

  • The location of the message box – before creating your business card / print work – might not be ideal. Perhaps the message at the end of the flow or the bottom of the page.
  • The design of the cross selling message – just text – may also be tested.  Generally cross selling is done with images of suggested products.
  • The relevancy of the recommendation:  the cross selling is recommending other product categories (envelops), which is kind of an ‘obvious’, almost too simplistic recommendation. Perhaps suggesting nicely designed card cases to store your card might be more suited.


Test details

Test element Copy
Page type Product
Test date December 2014

Website information

Company Drukwerkdeal
Market B2B, E-Commerce
Test result
Test element Copy
Page Product
Result +6% orders
Tool VWO

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