Removing prices on the signup page

December 2013
Control and variation


Control +6.9% CR
Control A
 Variation +9.1% CR
Variation B
Unveil is a web application that allows web and graphic designers to present design concepts to clients and get real time feedback. This would be more efficient that multiple back and forth emails.



 Removing pricing information will increase signups, because users would signup if the friction of price was taken away.


Test Visitors Conversions CR
A 2361 165 6.9%
B 2355 216 9.1%


There are several possible explanations:

  • People may have been be put off by the pricing plans either psychologically or because they were deemed too expensive.
  • People may have thought that they needed to subscribe to a paid plan immediately. With no reference to pricing, people may have thought the product was free, indefinitely.
  • It’s also worth considering the change to the word “free” in the challenger version and the potential influence this could have had.

Test details

Test element Pricing
Page type Home
Test date December 2013

Website information

Company Unveil
Market Marketing, Software (SAAS)
Test result
Test element Pricing
Page Home
Result +31% signups
Tool VWO

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