Removing the suggestions on the cart page

April 2015
Control and variation


B, based in Greenwood, Indiana, sells reading glasses to US and Canadian customers. The company was founded by Randy and Angie Stocklin with the idea of offering people a convenient and affordable way to buy eyewear online. ‘ We had a ‘You May Also Like’ products recommendation section on the right rail of the cart page. The idea was it would help direct customers to products that are tangential to what they’re already planning to buy. But we figured it would be worth testing that assumption.’


 Removing the product recommendation section on the right side of the cart page will be less distracting and will increase orders


Cutting the ‘You May Also Like’ section increased conversion by 5.5%.


Be carefull when suggesting alternative products far down the funnel. In this case alternative products are suggested that may increase doubt whether the right classes where picked. Additional tests could be to show ‘complementary’ products like a glasses case or some glasses cleaning material.

Test details

Test element Layout
Page type Home
Test date April 2015

Website information

Company Readers
Market E-Commerce, Home & Living
Test result
Test element Layout
Page Home
Result +6% orders

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