Reducing the number of fields on the contact form

Braxted Park
Lead generation
Contact page
Remove steps, Usability
January 2015
Control and variation


Control A
Variation B
Braxted Park is country house wedding venue in Essex (UK). They worked with their agency to improve the number of leads through their enquiry form. As is quite well know long forms decrease conversion, so reducing the form was an obvious step.


  Reducing the number of fields in the contact form from 22 to 9 will increase the number of submissions.


The number of inquiries increased by 54%.


Having over 20 fields for an enquiry form is unsurprisingly not helping conversion.

Two suggestions for further analysis:

  • In the new form still 9 fields are used. Part of the reason is the required address fields in order to send a brochure. Perhaps just sending a digigtal version would further increase conversion. Alternatively – an options ‘receive our brochure by mail’ could be added, with only address fields shown based on this condition.
  • It is also recommended to assess the quality of the leads.