Homepage radical redesign: long form information vs short form customer testimonial focus

August 2013
Control A
Variation B
Highrise is a CRM solution created by Basecamp (formerly 37signals). They wanted to try a radically different design to see if it made an impact.


 Changing the homepage from a longer information packed version to a shorter person focused page will increase the number of signups.


Multiple changes have been tested:
Call to action changed from ‘See plans and pricing’ to ‘Start using Highrise t


The free trial signups increased by 102% and paid signups increased 47%.


With a radical redesign it is hard to pinpoint a reason why the page would perform differently.
The main learning would be that you should be testing radical designs with different focus as the conversion can be vastly different.

Please note – duhh 😉 – that this type of change should be tested and cannot be blindly copied as 37signals also found out with the Basecamp site:

We’re testing similar designs on the Basecamp site right now and not seeing the same results. Each product, market, and customer base is different.

Test details

Test element Redesign
Page type Home
Test date August 2013

Website information

Company Highrise
Market Marketing, Software (SAAS)
Test result
Test element Redesign
Page Home
Result +102% signups
Source: signalvnoise.com

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