Placing the CTA ‘Contact the Prison’ first, before the conditions

March 2015
Control and variation


The British Ministry of Justice allows friends and relatives to book a slot to visit someone in prison. They were receiving a lot of questions that should have been sent directly to the prison where they were booking the visit. These were questions like, “I haven’t heard back from the prison about my visit, when will I hear?” and “Can I change my visit?”. As a result the contact centre staff were spending hours redirecting these queries to the relevant prison.


 Starting with the ‘Contact the prison’ first – in stead of lower on the page – will lead to less irrelevant contact forms submits.


Visits Contacts CR Change
Version A 847 79 9,3%
Version B 4335 291 6,7% -28%


This test again shows that people are not reading – but scanning – if at all. It also shows that people read the first sentence better then the middle part. As an additional test it would be interesting to test the headline for example from ‘Contact’ to ‘Contact our webmaster’.

Test details

Test element Form
Page type Landingpage
Test date March 2015

Website information

Company Montate
Market Government, Not for Profit
Test result
Test element Form
Page Landingpage
Result -28% questions

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