Change the first benefit – focusing on time to read

November 2013
Control A
Variation B
ContentVerve is the online marketing agency of Michael Aagaard, a Test Junkie, Copy Fanatic & Content Evangelist. Michael wanted to test the copy of his Ebook download page. He realised that ‘time is a barrier that impacts my decision every time I’m about to download free ebook’.


 By tweaking the copy in the first bullet point to directly address the ‘time issue’ (read in just 25 minutes), more visitors will download the ebook.


The variation had an 18% higher conversion rate.

Test Visitors Conversions CR
A 875 378 43,2%
B 763 391 51,2%


The time issue proves to be an important factor. Note that the alternative focusses on free – possible this is not a big concern for the audience as the do not expect to pay on a content site in the first place.


Test details

Test element USP/benefits
Page type Landingpage
Test date November 2013

Website information

Company ContentVerve
Market Consultancy, Lead generation
Test result
Test element USP/benefits
Page Landingpage
Result +19% downloads

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