Changing the color of the number of cart items

September 2017
 AB TestControl and variation

Fonq is a Dutch ecommerce company focussed on living, cooking and livestyle. They wanted to improve the checkout process.


Fonq implemented heatmaps and click event tracking. They found out that most visitors were clicking the shopping cart icon (a red notification indicating the number of products) in the top right corner. In fact, most of these clicks were from visitors who were already in the shopping cart, and this behavior was particularly prevalent on mobile devices.


  Changing the color of the shopping cart icon from red to grey will increase the checkout conversion, because the red color is too distracting.


After three weeks of testing, the calculated sample size was reached.

  • The test produced an increase in conversion rate of 2.1% across all devices.
  • The percentage of customers who were distracted and clicked on the shopping cart icon decreased by 40% on desktop and by 27% on mobile.


Even small changes can have an impact. A general best practice is to have your desired action – in this case the checkout button – stand out. Not an icon that leads your visitor backwards in the funnel.

Test details

Test element Symbols / Icons
Page type Checkout
Test date September 2017

Website information

Company Fonq
Market Consumer goods, E-Commerce
Test result
Test element Symbols / Icons
Page Checkout
Result +2.1% orders

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