Changing banner layout on homepage

E-Commerce, Fashion
Focus, Usability
January 2012
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Control and variation


Control A
Variation B
Variation B
Variation C
Variation C
Variation D
Variation D
FineTuxedos is a premium retailer specialised in mens apparel and formal wear. After a heatmap analysis on the homepage, they noticed that many visitors were clicking on the big red button (‘View packages’) on the smaller banner, further down the page.


 A single banner – instead of two banners with different call to actions – will be less confusing and will lead to more visitors that add products in the cart’


Version D – with just the small banner – is the winner with 39% more people adding product in their cart. For confidentiallity reasons – no absolute conversion rates are given – just the relative improvement. Also there is no data on the actual sales: how many customers purchased the items in the shoppinrg cart?

Test Layout Change Significance
A big and small banner    
B no banner 31,20% 94%
C big banner 5,85% 62%
D small banners 39,10% 97%


Having one smaller banner increases ‘add to cart’ conversion. Version D has more emphasis on the stronger call-to-action of the smaller banner, and also moves more products up the page and above the fold. Analysing segment differences between desktop, tablet and mobile would be interesting.