Changing the call to action from ‘sign up now’ to ‘show me outfits I’ll love’

E-Commerce, Fashion
Clarity (copy), Persuasion
September 2014
clicks is a UK-based service that lets you find clothes you’ll love no matter your size. They wanted to test theire proposition on the homepage.


  Changing the call to action text from ‘Sign up now’ to ‘Show me outfits I’ll love’ will increase the number of clicks.


The ‘Show me outfits I’ll love’ indeed increased clicks on the button by 124%.


The new call to action text is more specific. Perhaps the ‘sign up’ also sounds like work – another form to fill. Whereas ‘Outfits I love’ sounds like fun. Note that the next page is still a form – so perhaps the end conversion (created accounts) will be less then 124% up.

Company Dressipi
Market E-Commerce, Fashion
Test data
Test element Call to Action
Page Home
Conversion principle Clarity (copy), Persuasion
Result +124% clicks

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