Showing shipping cost in header based on geo location

April 2015
Control and variation


B, based in Greenwood, Indiana, sells reading glasses to US and Canadian customers. The company was founded by Randy and Angie Stocklin with the idea of offering people a convenient and affordable way to buy eyewear online. They suspected that shipping costs are are an important concern for international (Canadian) visitors. 


 Showing the shipping costs for Canadian visitors clearly in the header “Canada shipping only $3.95”, will reduce concerns about high shipping costs and will increase orders from Canada.


The conversion rate from Canadian visitors on the site grew by 28%. A great result, particularly given the ease of implementing this.


Shipping costs is always an important ‘objection’ for customers. Even more so for international shipping.

Test details

Test element Price
Page type All
Test date April 2015

Website information

Company Readers
Market E-Commerce, Home & Living
Test result
Test element Price
Page All
Result +28% orders

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